Department of Phytopharmacy & Phytomedicine

The Department of Phytopharmacy and Phytomedicine was started under TIFAC CORE, in the year 2001, to meet the specialized demands of human resource requirements of pharmaceutical industry and organizations engaged in the development of herbal drugs.  The curriculum, designed in consultation with the herbal industry experts, includes advanced Pharmacognosy, Herbal drug development and standardization, Indian systems of medicine, etc.

The Department is also offering a PG Diploma Programme in Production and Quality Control of Medicinal Plants, in collaboration with the Horticulture College and Research Institute, The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.

Title of research programs implemented / being implemented
  • Identifying and documentation of medicinal plants of Nilgiris biosphere.

  • Advanced research in the areas of pharmacognostical and phytochemical screening of herbal drugs.

  • Extraction and spray drying of medicinal plants.

  • Herbal formulation development and developing of marker compounds for medicinal plants of importance.

  • Isolation of new leads from medicinal plants.

  • Developing standardized formulations for certain therapeutic activities like antiobesity, antistress, natural sleep, memory enhancement, hepatoprotective, wound healing, anti hyperlipidemic, antidepressant, antifertility, etc.

Industrial Visit

 A group of students accompanied by our staff visited the following places as a industrial visit during August 20 - 28, 2008.

  • Kerala Ayurveda Ltd., Ernakulam, Kerala, India
  • Bipha Drug Lab, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

Further they have participated in First International Euro-India conference on " Holistic Medicine" held at kottayam, Kerala, India. 

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Dr.Dhanabal S.P M.Pharm.,Ph.D.,FIC., Professor/HOD
Dr.Nanjan M.J M.Sc.,(Chem)Ph.D., Professor/Director
Mr.Chinnaswamy K M.Sc.,(Pharm) ProfessorEmeritus
Dr.Nilani Packianathan M.Pharm,Ph.D.,PG.DinValueeducation., Professor
Mr.PraveenT.K M.Pharm., AssistantProfessor
P.DHAMODARAN B.Pharm,M.Pharm,Ph.D., AssistantProfessor

Report for the year 2008-09

1.      Academic performance

I M. Pharm (Regular batch)

No. of students admitted                                               : 09

No. of students appeared for examination                       : 09

No. of students passed & % of result                              : 09 (100%)

I M. Pharm (October batch)

No. of students admitted                                               : 03

No. of students appeared for examination                       : 03

No. of students passed & % of result                              : 03 (100%)

II M. Pharm

No. of students appeared for examination                      : 08

No. of students passed & % of result                             : 08 (100%)

2.      Industrial visits

Faculty members, M. Pharm., students visited the following industries during August 20-23, 2008;

  • Bipha Drug Laboratories, Kottayam, Kerala
  • Kerala Ayurveda ltd., Ernakulam, Kerala

3.      Participation and presentations in conferences

Faculty members and students participated and presented scientific papers in the following conferences;

         i.         1st International Euro-India Conference on Holistic Medicine (ICHM-2008)" held at Institute of Holistic Medical Sciences, Kottayam, Kerala. 21-23, Aug. 2008.

       ii.            International conference on "Herbal medicine - Evaluation of quality, efficacy and safety" organized by APTI, RGUHS and Jadavpur University, February 26-28, 2009,Bangalore.

      iii.            60th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress on "Pharma vision 2020 : Regulations for better healthcare" held at new Delhi during December 2008.

     iv.            International Conference on Industrialization of Institutional Research on Phytomedicines, held at PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore. 8 and  Jan.9, 2009

       v.            Indian Congress of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences and IPA Convention held at Delhi Institute of Pharmaeutical Sciences & Research, New Delhi ,March 14and15,2009

     vi.            State level workshop on "Identification of phytochemicals using spectroscopic techniques" , March6 and 7, 2009 at the Karpagam University, Coimbatore.

4        Publications

The following papers were published

1        Praveen TK, Dharmaraj S, Jitendra Bajaj, Dhanabal SP, Manimaran S, Nanjan MJ, Rema Razdan. Hepatoprotective activity of PDM extract of Scoparia dulcis L. against CCl4 inducedacute liver injury in mice. Indian Journal of Pharmacology (In press)

2        S.Manimaran, S.P.Dhanabal, M.V.N.L.Chaitanya and B.Suresh, "Estimation of n-Velaric acid in Velariana officinalis Linn by HPTLC technique" Indian Drugs (In press)

3        K.H. Basavaraj, M.S. Darshan, P. Shanmugavelu, R. Rashmi, A. Yuti Mhatre, S.P. Dhanabaland K.S.J. Rao. Study on the levels of trace elements in mild and severe psoriasis. Clinica Chemica Acta, 405(1-2), July 2009, 66-70.

4        Nilani P., Duraiswamy B., Dhanabal SP., Saleemulla Khan., Suresh B., Shankar V., Kavitha KY. Antimicrobial activity of Clerodendrum species. The Antiseptic, Feb 2009, vo.106, 2, 93-94

5        CoMFA Study on Thiazolidine-2,4-diones for their Antihyperglycemic Activity, B.R.Prasanth Kumar, Bijoy J.Desai, J.Vergheese, T.K.Praveen, B.Suresh, and M.J.Nanjan, Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, 2008, 5(2), 79-87.

6        S. P Dhanabal., M. K. Mohan Marugaraja., and  B. Suresh. Antidiabetic Activity of Clerodendron Phlomoidis L.F  (Verbenaceae) Leaf  Extract In Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 70 (6), 841-843 (2008)

7        Anatomical studies on cones of Cupressus sempervirens Linn", S.Manimaran, Saleemullah Khan, S.Thenmozhi, M.J.Nanjan and B.Suresh. Hamdard Medicus, Karachi, Pakistan, Vol.51 No.3 July-Sep.2008.

8        Sureshkumar, S., R. Sampath Kumar, T. Sivakumar, S.P. Dhanabal, M.J.N. Chandrasekar and B. Suresh. Pharmacognostical evaluation of Wedelia biflora DC. Aryavaidyan 21, 3, 141-147 (2008)

9        Phyllanthus maderaspatensis , a dietary supplement for the amelioration of adriamycin-induced toxicity and oxidative stress in mice, Praveen Bommu, Chandrasekar Moola Joghee Nanjan, Nanjan Moola Joghee, Satishkumar Muthureddy Nataraj, Suresh Bhojraj, Journal of Natural Medicine (2008), 62:149-154

10    Hepatoprotective activity of Scoparia dulcis linn. Against carbon tetrachloride-induced liver cirrhosis in rats, T.K. Praveen, Rema Razdan, Meera Neelathahalli Kasthurirangan, Githa Kishore and M.J Nanjan, Asian Journal of Traditional Medicines 2008 3(4): 153-159

11          Volatile constituents and antimicrobial activity of cone essential oil and its cream formulation of Cupressus sempervirens,, S.Manimaran, L.Ramanathan, S.P.Dhanabal, M.J.Nanjan and B.Suresh. Journal of Indian Perfumer, 52, Oct - Dec 2008, P.23-27.

12.  CoMFA Study, Syntheses, Antitubercular and Anticancer Activity of Some Novel 1,4-Dihydropyridines,  B.R.P. Kumar, S. Yuvaraj, A. Srivastava, V. Chaturvedi, Y.K. Manju, B. Suresh and M.J.  Nanjan, Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, 2008, 5(1), 7-14.

4.      Presentations

The following scientific papers were presented at the International Conferences

 i. 1st International Euro-India Conference on Holistic Medicine (ICHM-2008)" held at Institute of Holistic Medical Sciences, Kottayam, Kerala. 21-23, Aug. 2008.

  • 1. S.P.Dhanabal*, MJ.Nanjan, S.Manimaran, TK.Praveen, K.Elango. Herb-Drug interactions

  • 2. Abhishek Sharma*, MJ.Nanjan, Anjan kumar sahoo, K.Elango. Isolation and characterization of constituents of Calotropis procera (Asclepadiaceae)

  • 3. Lokesh vyas*, S.P.Dhanabal, TK.Praveen, Elango An ayurvedic remedy for antidiabetic and antioxidant properties

  • 4. Mohamed Salif*, S.P.Dhanabal, K.Elango Studies on indigenous ayurvedic herb Lavendula intermedia

  • 5. Santosh R.Tarke*, Praveen TK, Dhanabal SP. Extraction and comparative evaluation of antioxidant activity of Oxalis corniculata Linn

  • 6. Sherin babu*, Santosh R, Dhanabal SP. Hepatoprotective and free radical scavenging activity of Scoparia dulsis L.

  • 7. Rahul Jain*, S.P.Dhanabal, S.Manimarn, M.J.Nanajn, & K.Elango Hepatoprotective Activity of an Ayurvedic herb in Experimental induced Hepatic Injury

  • 8. Baskar Ananda Raj*, S.P.Dhanabal, S.Manimarn, N.Paramakrishnana, & K.Elango Ayurvedic Herb Artemisia pallens as Potent Antimicrobial Agent

  • 9. Manish Sharma*, S.Manimarn, S.P.Dhanabal, S.Nagaraj & K.Elango, Preparation and HPTLC Standardization of Sithophaladi Churna an Ayurvedic Preparation

  • 10. Nikil Soni*, S.Manimarn, S.P.Dhanabal, S.Nagaraj & K.Elango Preparation and
    HPTLC Standardization of Triphala Masi

  • 11. Praveen Patidar*, S.Manimarn, S.P.Dhanabal, S.Nagaraj & .Elango Preparation of Ayurvedic Bringaraja Thaila and its HPTLC Standardization

       i.            Industrialization of Institutional Research on Phytomedicines, held at PSGR  Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore, 8th and 9th Jan. 2009.

  • G.Arun, S. Manimaran, S.P. Dhanabal, T.K. Praveen, P.T. Sangeetha, & K. Elango, "Herbal Formulation Development for Antidiarrhoel Activity",
  • K.Nithya, S.Manimaran, S.P.Dhanabal, S.S.P.Lakshmi-Komma & K.Elango, "Estimation of Catechin and Epicatechin Content from the Different Extracts of Green tea by HPTLC Technique".
  • V.Ambalika, S.Manimaran, S.P.Dhanabal, Patil S. Vishal, K.V.R. Raju & Clerodendrum".
  • Nagendar Suryavamsa, T.K.Praveen, S. Manimaran, S.P.Dhanabal & K.Elango, "Hepatoprotective Activity of Scoparia dulcis Against Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Liver Cirrhosis in Rats.
  • D.L.Priyanka, T.K.Praveen, S.Manimaran, S.P.Dhanabal & K.Elango, "Hepatoprotective Activity of Isolated Terpenoids and Terpenoid Fractions of Scoparia dulcis L."

      ii.            International conference on "Herbal medicine - Evaluation of quality, efficacy and safety" organized by APTI, RGUHS and Jadavpur University, from February 26-28, 2009, Bangalore.

  • Lokesh Vyas, S.Manimaran, T.K.Praveen & S.P.Dhanabal, "Effect of Polyherbal Formulation on Caster oil Induced Diarrhoea",
  • Baskar Anand Raj, S.P.Dhanabal, S.Manimaran & K.Elango, "Screening of Some Indigenous Plants for Antipsoriatic Activity".
  • Manish Sharma, S.P.Dhanabal, M.L.Nanjan, S.Manimaran & K.Elango, "Phytochemical, Cytotoxic, Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Studies of Rosmarinus officinalis".
  • Nagendar Surya Vamsa, S.P.Dhanabal, S.Manimaran & K.Elango, "Antioxidant (in- vivo & in-vitro) Studies of Some Potential Indigenous Medicinal Plants".
  • Nikhil Soni, S.Manimaran, N.Muruganantham, S.P.Dhanabal, & K.Elango "Validated HPTLC Method for the Analysis of Colchicine".
  • Patil Vishal Sathish, S.P.Dhanabal, S.Manimaran, & K.Elango, "Protective Effect of IRIS Germanium on Galactosamine Induced Liver Damage and Development of Nanoparticles".
  • Praveen Patidar, S.Manimaran, Nikhil Soni & S.P.Dhanabal, "Polyherbal Formulation Development for Natural Sedative and Anti-Anxiety".
  • B.Rahul Jain, S.P.Dhanabal, S.Manimaran & K.Elango, "Development of Herbal Based Nanoparticles for Hepatoprotective Activity".

    iii.            60th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress on "Pharma vision 2020 : Regulations for better healthcare" held at new Delhi during December 2008.

  • Praveen T.K., Dharmaraj S. Hepatoprotective activity and free radical scavenging activity of PDM extract of Scoparia dulcis L.
  • Praveen Patidar, S.Manimaran, Nikhil Soni, and S.P.Dhanabal;" Simultaneous Estimation of Quercetin and Rutin by HPTLC Technique from Tylophora indica and Tephrosia purpurea",
  • Nikhil Soni, S.Manimaran, Praveen Patidar and S.P.Dhanabal; "Polyherbal Formulation Development for Natural Sedative and Anti-anxiety",

6        Visits Abroad

Dr. M.J. Nanjan gave invited talks in the following international conferences held abroad;

                     i.            5th Annual NHP Research Conference & Tradeshow: Science Across Borders: Global NHP Research, Toronto, Canada, March 26-29, 2008

                   ii.            The 3rd International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research, Sydney, March 29-21, 2008

                  iii.            Advances Technologicos en Liberacion Controlada de Farmacos, Rosario, Argentina, September 25-27, 2008 

Dr. Dhanabal presented a paper in 3rd International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research, Sydney, March 29-21, 2008

He also visited National University, Singapore and Sungaipattani, Masterskill University, Malaysia.

7        The following experts gave Invited lectures

a.       Dr. V. Hariprasad., M.Pharm., Ph.D., Director of Medicinal Chemistry, SuperGen Inc., USA

"Discovery of MP-529: A Selective Inhibitor of Aurora 2 Kinase in Development for the Treatment of Cancer" 18.8.2008 (Monday), 11.30 am - 12.30 pm

b.      Dr. Pratim Banerjee, Director, Ulysses Pharmaceuticals Kolkatta

"Clinical trials on herbal medicines" 2.4.2009 (Monday),  2.00 - 3.00 pm

c.       Dr.K.S.Jagannatha Rao,  Scientist, Dept. of food biochemistry, CFTRI, Mysore

"Drug discovery for Alzheimer's disease: Challenges" .4.2009 (Tuesday),  3.30 - 4.30 pm

d.      Dr. Deepak, Head, Phytochemistry division, Natural remedies Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore

"Some practical aspects of herbal product development and quality control" 14.3.2009 (Saturday)         10.00 - 11.30 am

e.       Dr. S. Sathyanarayana, Professor and Head, Dept. of Pharmacology, Andhra University, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

"Changing trends in Pharmacology research" 31.3.2009 (Tuesday),  3.30 - 4.30 pm

f.        Mr. R. Arulprakash, Associate Director, and Head - Clinical research, Sristek consulting P Ltd., Hyderabad

Clinical Research Opportunities and Research methodology

 8        Continuing education programme

AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programme on "Emerging trends and future prospects in herbal drug technology" was conducted from March 2-14, 2009 for the benefit of pharmacy teachers.

9        Scholarship received by students

M. Pharm., dissertation scholarship

Mr. V. Bhaskar, Rs 5,000/- from Tamilnadu Council for Scientific Technology and Rs. 2000/- from Pharmaceutical Sciences Welfare Trust.

10    Interaction with International and National agencies.

TIFAC CORE is developing monographs on medicinal plants for USP and IP.

S.P.Dhanabal interacted with Dr.GN.Singh, Director Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, Ghaziabad, New Delhi during March 2009

11    Funds received from Government agencies

Dr.S.P.Dhanabal received from AICTE, New Delhi, Rs.2.00 lakhs towards conduct of Staff development programme and Rs.2.00 lakhs for conduct of International seminar.

Dr.M.J.Nanjan received from DBT, Govt. of India, Rs. 4.00 lakhs for conducting Indo-Australian Workshop on Plant Nutraceuticals and Bioactive molecules; A Growth Opportunity for the Pharmaceutical Industries in Australia and India.